Good Food in Paris - Tao Guide for iPhone, iPad, Androïd and kindle

Auteur(s):Nathalie Ruas et Cécile Van Lith
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eBook for iPad, iPhone, Androïd and kindle

You are in
  Paris, looking for vegetarian food, organic food, raw food, french cuisine with fresh and quality products ? Good food in Paris is made for you. You will find a selection of 90 restaurants with healthy and tasty food only !!! 

Paris is the capital of gastronomy!
 However, each and every day, many meals are often expensive and bad. From low-quality ham sandwiches to boring menus in restaurants that serve factory-made sauce and frozen desserts, it is an true waste.
The Viatao team has found and tested the best addresses in Paris for you: discover our wide selection of options for eating out, from fast-good-food with an organic breakfast to specialized meals made by chefs who only use local products.

Enjoy reading, and take care of yourself!

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